Eliminate The Ocean Pollution Problem

Oceans, seas, rivers and lake cover about 70% of our planet and all these water bodies form an indispensable part of our existence as it has key roles to play in our everyday life. This factor has not only helped us tremendously but has also resulted in the exploitation of oceanic resources. The obnoxious and careless intervention of humans has resulted in the ocean pollution with tons of trash threatening the existence of so many species. In order to eliminate the problem, we have to understand what’s causing it:

Ocean Dumping. Dumping sewage in the ocean has always been the cheapest and the easiest way of disposing of wastes. The billions of tons of litter end up in the ocean each year reportedly bring 250 million tons of trash into the sea every year. However, reports also suggest that littering makes the aquatic life in the oceans and seas worse these days.

Land Runoff. According to researchers, many pollutants, almost eighty percent of pollution, are released into the marine environment far upstream from coastlines. It results in many wastage materials such as the debris of cars and boats going into the sea every day. Moreover, rivers during floods pick up harmful contaminants including fertilizers, petroleum, and pesticides, among others.

Oil spills.Several of such oil spills from tanker ships after accidents, including Deepwater Horizon, Gulf War oil spill, and Atlantic Empress, have shown us the extent of the damages the spills can do to the ecosystems. The pollution through oil spills can have serious consequences for society, both economically and environmentally. Importantly, the main victims of oil spills are birds and mammals.

Littering.Beaches covered with plastic wastes are not a rare scene in these days. Materials like plastic are non-degradable which means they will not be absorbed and recycled. When oceanic creatures and even birds consume plastic inadvertently, they choke on it which causes a steady decline in their population.

Ocean mining. Mining under the ocean for silver, gold, copper, cobalt, etc. is another source of ocean pollution. Researchers, with limited scientific evidence, suggest that such activities help increase the toxicity, which will eventually put the ecosystem in the area under threat.

While we have many steps to take towards eliminating and preventing ocean pollution, and some of these steps require new legislation and business attitude, each and every one of us can start today with recycling and proper trash disposal and we are more than happy to provide such service.