5 Life Hacks for Home Cleaning

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of junk that’s in your house?

Unsure where to start? 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but cleaning house is vital for your body and mind. 

Why You Would Want to Clean Out Your House

Before going over life hacks for home cleaning, you need to know why it’s good to clean out in the first place.

Clutter causes stress in so many ways beyond just making it difficult to find things. It can overwhelm your brain and cause your body to produce more stress hormones daily.

Having a house full of things can also lead to physical health problems. All those items you barely use collect and hide dust, mold, and animal dander. 

Cluttered houses are a nightmare for allergy suffers. 

5 Life Hacks for Home Cleaning

There are a few different cleaning hacks that are simple and easy to implement. 

1. Change Your Thinking

Most people start by going through piece by piece and deciding whether they need it or not. While it’s not a bad method, it can be time-consuming and stressful. It can be hard to say whether you need something or not in the moment.

Instead, change your thinking. For example, what would you replace if your house got damaged in any way? What could you not live without? 

A similar life hack for home cleaning is to change your location. Along with the idea of replacing, go somewhere else to decide what you would replace. Don’t think of specifics, just what you remember you would want to buy again.

By being in a different place, you won’t be able to look around and have to rely on your memory entirely.

2. Schedule Cleaning Time

You know how you set aside time for work and appointments? Do the same with cleaning. 

It’s far too easy to say “I’ll do this over the weekend,” and then never get to it. By having a set time and day, this life hack for home cleaning will hold you responsible if cleaning doesn’t get done. 

Remember, this doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. 

You can start small. Start by scheduling an hour on Saturday or Sunday. Once you get comfortable and less overwhelmed, increase the time. 

While cleaning isn’t exactly fun, it should never cause you anxiety. 

3. Use the 4 Box Method

What is the four-box method? It’s a life hack for home cleaning that gives you space to think. 

You put all your stuff into one of four boxes: keep, donate/sell, store, or trash. 

By allowing yourself a limbo for some of your stuff, the store box, you’re able to go through things a little easier.

It doesn’t put as much pressure on you to figure everything out in that exact moment. Many people find it easier to think clearly by using this life hack for home cleaning.

Most people end up taking things out of their storage box and move it to the donate or trash box before they are fully done cleaning.

Of course, if the items you believe are trash overflows your box, feel free to use a trash pickup service. They come right to you instead of you having to go find a dump. 

4. Digitalize

Paper may be one of the greatest sources of clutter. Valuable documents like bills, invoices, and taxes often float around your home. You don’t want to throw them away, but you don’t want to get rid of them either.

A great life hack for home cleaning is scanning any important papers or photographs into a safe online storage and then shred the physical copies. 

For especially valuable paper items, you can keep the originals in a fireproof safe. 

5.  Try the Hanger Method

You may already be familiar with this lifehack for home cleaning. It’s when you turn all your hangers one way, and then when you wear the clothing on them, you turn it the other way.

After a year, any clothes on hangers that haven’t been turned should be donated and thrown away. 

Time to Clean House

Once your house is cleared away, feelings of stress will follow. You will be amazed what a thorough cleaning will do for not only your home but your health as well. 

If you need a Kansas City trash service, feel free to use us. We want to help make your life stress free by coming to you to get your garbage.