Garage Cleaning: 10 Ways to Organize

A garage is one feature that has become a prerequisite for many when house hunting. It’s a very functional room that’s so versatile it can do more than just storage.

As handy as a garage is, it also demands that you be a master at garage cleaning. 

Why? Garages can become messy and disorganized easily. You must have a garage organization strategy to keep it as sane and sanitary as possible.

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Garage Organized

Ready to restore order to your warzone-like garage? Let’s get started.

1. Invest in a Toolbox

A toolbox is probably one of the best investments you can make for your garage. No, that old box doesn’t count as a toolbox. If anything, it’s just adding to the mess and makes your garage cleaning days harder.

2. Utilize Wall Space

Another great way to keep your garage organized is by making use of your wall space. You can easily do this by installing hooks to hang some of your tools and equipment on. The more wall space you use, the less cluttered your garage floor will be.

3. Use Your Overhead Space

Utilizing overhead storage is a great strategy for making room on the garage floor. By using ceiling tracks or a simple rack, you’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll have on the floor. 

4. Use Plastic Storage Bins – Wisely

Plastic storage bins are a staple for organization. You can easily throw in your stuff and it will be safe from the elements. It’s also a great way to separate and keep everything in its place. 


For example, use storage bins to separate your sports equipment by type, sport, or season. Doing this will allow you to know exactly where everything is without having to ransack your own garage. 

5. Invest in Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets are another great way to keep your garage organized and functional. Apart from saving you space, garage cabinets save you time when it comes to garage cleaning as they are a great way of keeping your stuff off the floor. 

6. Clean Your Garage Regularly

Garage cleaning shouldn’t be put off until you can’t find your way around. A regular schedule will help ensure that fewer things get lost and that no-one gets hurt by misplaced equipment. Also, to save time, get a trash pickup service to haul all your junk away.

7. Corner Shelves

Another great way to help keep your garage tidy is by installing corner shelves. One great thing about them is that the bulk of the support structure and some walls are already in place, making them cheap to construct. 

Corner shelves are the best way to store small items like glues, oils, and varnishes that could easily get lost on large shelves.

8.  Install a Recycling Bin Rack

Recycling bins usually take up a lot of space on the garage floor. Rack specifically constructed to store your recycling bins is a great way to get them off the floor and out the way.

9. Optimize Shelf Brackets

Shelf brackets can be used to hang tools with hooks or to store long-handled tools like rakes or even to hold some piping.

10. Storage Tubes

Struggling to keep your fishing rods, rakes, baseball bats, and other long-handled tools in an orderly manner? Storage tubes are the solution you are looking for. Not only do they help with these hard to store tools, but they also budget-friendly as they are very affordable.

Garage Cleaning – Time to Restore Order in Your Garage

There you go, 10 simple and cost-effective ways to organize your garage. Go ahead, pick one (or all), and get your garage organized.

If you’re in the Kansas area and need help with your garage cleaning, we are a Kansas City trash service that can help with your trash disposal. Let’s make magic happen – in your garage.