One of the main purposes of our company is to contribute to the local community by making donations of goods such as personal and household items, furniture pieces, and other valuables. We stand by the idea of taking as much environmental responsibility as possible and strive to provide excellent hauling and junk removal services. Donations allow us to both provide low cost or free goods for those in need and prevent landfill pollution. believes in respectful coexistence with nature and the importance of being an eco-friendly company, that is why we recycle and donate every possible item that we collect. Moreover, with our large trucks, we can transport two or three times more items to the donation centers than our competitors.

The location of the item is also not a problem for us. We can remove it from any basement or storage place. Such service will be followed by sorting, packing, loading, hauling, and donating of goods. Still looking for reasons to contact us? Likewise, will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt as a confirmation of your donation.

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